Well House



Nestled within 6 acres of secluded farmland, adjacent to the renowned How Stean Gorge, the Well House Haven Art Venue encompasses both the traditional Well House and the creatively charged Barn.


 4 x en-suite rooms


 Self catering

Well House:

Well House, a quintessential stone farmhouse, offers a haven for relaxation. Featuring four double en-suite rooms a well equipped kitchen/diner as well as a comfortable sitting room. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this picturesque setting while enjoying the comforts of a traditional retreat.

The Barn:

For those seeking an artistic escape, the Barn is where inspiration comes to life. This dynamic space includes two workshop areas designed to accommodate up to eleven.  Complete with dedicated workstations, a kitchenette, and WC/shower facilities, the Barn is a hub of creativity where your artistic ideas can flourish.

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Creative Retreats in North Yorkshire


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Your Retreat, Your Way:

Whether you're rejuvenating in the charm of Well House or unleashing your creativity in the Barn, Well House Haven Art Venue invites you to tailor your retreat experience. The serene surroundings and well-appointed facilities create an ideal setting for both relaxation and artistic exploration.

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